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bool corelib::runIcon ( const QString  prefix_name,
const QString  dir_name,
const QString  icon_name 

Prepare icon data for run wine.

prefix_name Prefix name.
dir_name Dir name.
icon_name Icon name.
Return true on success.

Definition at line 744 of file q4wine-lib.cpp.

References ExecObject::cmdargs, ExecObject::desktop, ExecObject::display, ExecObject::execcmd, Icon::getByName(), ExecObject::name, ExecObject::nice, ExecObject::override, runWineBinary(), ExecObject::useconsole, ExecObject::winedebug, and ExecObject::wrkdir.

            QHash<QString, QString> result = db_icon.getByName(prefix_name, dir_name, icon_name);
                  ExecObject execObj;
            execObj.wrkdir = result.value("wrkdir");
            execObj.override = result.value("override");
            execObj.winedebug = result.value("winedebug");
            execObj.useconsole = result.value("useconsole");
            execObj.display = result.value("display");
            execObj.cmdargs = result.value("cmdargs");
            execObj.execcmd = result.value("exec");
            execObj.desktop = result.value("desktop");
            execObj.nice = result.value("nice");
                  execObj.name = icon_name;

            return runWineBinary(execObj, prefix_name);

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