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corelib Class Reference

#include <q4wine-lib.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This class provide general core functions for q4wine.

It is not useful by itself, but helps to create user-side applications which can use q4wine core functions;

Definition at line 106 of file q4wine-lib.h.

Public Member Functions

bool checkDirs ()
bool checkFileExists (QString path)
void checkSettings (void)
 corelib (bool _GUI_MODE)
 Create an mainlib class.
QString createDesktopFile (const QString prefix_name, const QString dir_name, const QString icon_name) const
void getBuildFlags ()
QStringList getCdromDevices (void) const
 This function get cdrom devices from /etc/fstab file.
QString getEscapeString (const QString string, const bool spaces=true) const
 Get's string with escaped special characters.
QString getLang ()
QString getLocale ()
QString getMountedImages (QString cdrom_mount)
 This function gets mouted image or media.
QString getMountImageString (const int profile)
 Get's mount image string based on QuikMount type profile.
QString getMountString (const int profile)
 Get's mount string based on QuikMount type profile.
QVariant getSetting (const QString group, const QString key, const bool checkExist=TRUE, const QVariant defaultVal=QVariant()) const
 This function get application settings.
QString getTranslationLang ()
QString getUmountString (const int profile)
 Get's umount string based on QuikMount type profile.
QString getWhichOut (const QString fileName, bool showErr=TRUE)
 This function get cdrom devices from /etc/fstab file.
QStringList getWineDlls (QString prefix_lib_path) const
 This function builds wine dlls list for prefix_lib_path.
QString getWinePath (const QString path, const QString option)
QList< QStringList > getWineProcessList ()
 This function tries to get wine process list running in the current system.
bool isConfigured ()
bool killWineServer (const QString prefix_path) const
 This function kills wineserver.
QIcon loadIcon (QString iconName)
QPixmap loadPixmap (QString pixmapName)
bool mountImage (QString image_name, const QString prefix_name)
 This function mount an image or drive to prefix mount point.
void openHelpUrl (const QString rawurl)
 This function opens help url in xdg-open browser.
void openHomeUrl (const QString rawurl)
 This function opens url in xdg-open browser.
void openUrl (const QString rawurl)
bool reniceProcess (const int pid, const int priority) const
void runAutostart (void)
bool runIcon (const QString prefix_name, const QString dir_name, const QString icon_name)
 Prepare icon data for run wine.
bool runProcess (const QStringList args, const QString caption, const QString message) const
bool runProcess (const QString exec, const QStringList args, QString dir="", bool showLog=TRUE) const
 Runs process.
bool runWineBinary (const ExecObject execObj, const QString prefix_name, bool detach=true)
 Prepare icon data for run wine.
bool umountImage (const QString prefix_name)
 This function umount an image or drive from prefix mount point.
void updateRecentImagesList (const QString media) const

Private Member Functions

void showError (const QString message) const
 Displays error message depending on _GUI_MODE variable value.
int showError (const QString message, const bool info) const
 Displays error message depending on _GUI_MODE variable value.

Private Attributes

bool _GUI_MODE
Icon db_icon
Image db_image
Prefix db_prefix
QString fuseiso
QString fusermount
QString ln
QString mdconfig
QString rm
QString sh

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