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Run Class Reference
[-gui Q4Wine GUI]

#include <run.h>

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Detailed Description

This class provide run dialog functions.

Definition at line 49 of file run.h.

Public Member Functions

void prepare (QString prefix_name, QString wrkdir="", QString override="", QString winedebug="", QString useconsole="", QString display="", QString cmdargs="", QString desktop="", int nice=0, QString exec="")
 Run (QWidget *parent=0, Qt::WFlags f=0)
 This is class constructor.

Public Attributes

ExecObject execObj

Private Slots

void cbUseConsole_stateChanged (int)
 CheckBox change slot.
void cmdAdd_Click ()
 Add lib button click slot.
void cmdCancel_Click ()
 Cancel button click slot.
void cmdGetProgram_Click ()
 Get program slot.
void cmdGetWorkDir_Click ()
 Get work dir slot.
void cmdHelp_Click ()
 view online help.
void cmdOk_Click ()
 Ok button click slot.
void comboPrefixes_indexChanged (int)
 ComboxBox change slot.
void ResizeContent (int TabIndex)
 Resize window content slot.

Private Member Functions

typedef void * CoreLibPrototype (bool)
bool eventFilter (QObject *object, QEvent *event)
 Event filter.
void getPrefixes (void)
 Get exesting prefixes list.
void getWineDlls (QString wine_dllpath)
 Get wine dll list.
void loadThemeIcons ()
 Load theme images.

Private Attributes

std::auto_ptr< corelibCoreLib
CoreLibPrototype * CoreLibClassPointer
Last_Run_Icon db_last_run_icon
Prefix db_prefix
 Database prefix class defenition.
QLibrary libq4wine
 This is need for libq4wine-core.so import.
QString prefix_dir
QString prefix_name

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