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bool Icon::addIcon ( const QString  cmdargs,
const QString  exec,
const QString  icon_path,
const QString  desc,
const QString  prefix_name,
const QString  dir_name,
const QString  name,
const QString  override = "",
const QString  winedebug = "",
const QString  useconsole = "",
const QString  display = "",
const QString  wrkdir = "",
const QString  desktop = "",
const int  nice = 0 
) const

This function add icon record.

cmdargs A command line arguments value.
exec A exec binary value.
icon_path A icon name or path value.
desc A description value.
prefix_name A dir name value.
dir_name A dir name value.
name A dir name value.
Return true on success.

Definition at line 396 of file icon.cpp.

Referenced by IconSettings::cmdOk_Click(), copyIcon(), and Wizard::nextWizardPage().

      QSqlQuery query;
      query.prepare("INSERT INTO icon(override, winedebug, useconsole, display, cmdargs, exec, icon_path, desc, dir_id, id, name, prefix_id, wrkdir, desktop, nice) VALUES(:override, :winedebug, :useconsole, :display, :cmdargs, :exec, :icon_path, :desc, (SELECT id FROM dir WHERE name=:dir_name AND prefix_id=(SELECT id FROM prefix WHERE name=:prefix_dir_name)), NULL, :name, (SELECT id FROM prefix WHERE name=:prefix_name), :wrkdir, :desktop, :nice);");

      if (cmdargs.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":cmdargs", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":cmdargs", cmdargs);

      if (exec.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":exec", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":exec", exec);

      if (icon_path.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":icon_path", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":icon_path", icon_path);

      if (desc.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":desc", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":desc", desc);

      query.bindValue(":prefix_name", prefix_name);
      query.bindValue(":prefix_dir_name", prefix_name);

      if (dir_name.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":dir_name", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":dir_name", dir_name);

      if (name.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":name", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":name", name);

      if (override.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":override", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":override", override);

      if (winedebug.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":winedebug", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":winedebug", winedebug);

      if (useconsole.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":useconsole", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":useconsole", useconsole);

      if (display.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":display", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":display", display);

      if (wrkdir.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":wrkdir", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":wrkdir", wrkdir);

      if (desktop.isEmpty()){
            query.bindValue(":desktop", QVariant(QVariant::String));
      } else {
            query.bindValue(":desktop", desktop);

      query.bindValue(":nice", nice);

      if (!query.exec()){
            qDebug()<<"SqlError: "<<query.lastError()<<query.executedQuery();
            return false;

      return true;

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